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Tools to Start & Grow Your Online Business

Tools to Start & Grow Your Online Business

Smart tools are essential to start & grow your online business. On the outside, running an online business seems as easy as ABC. After all, you’ve seen even kids turning their passion into profit, so how hard can it be? When you actually take that foray into running your own business though, you realize you underestimated it all. Sure, you have a great idea and our very wise grandfather would say those are ‘a dime a dozen’. But, how do you go about commencing and growing your business?

Though it’s via the internet, you still need the processes and essentially, a business infrastructure in place to make the work work. Fortunately, you’ve stumbled upon this blog which will provide you with the smart tools you need to start and maintain your online business. Below we provide a list of tools we wished someone would have given to us before we started our own online business because it would have stayed us the heartache (we actually cried).

These tools will help you take your business from one level to the next. You’ll grow from a seed to a tree with the tools we recommend. These tools will help you with connecting with your customers, budgeting, marketing and more!

Here are 10 tools and software that every online business can benefit from include. You’re welcome 😊


This is a personal budget and software application for individuals and small businesses.

Calendar Management


This is a free online appointment scheduling tool, premium features begin at $5 per month.

Communication and Meetings


This provides free video and voice calls, premium features include calling landlines and cell phones along with screen-sharing.

Help Scout

This is a help desk software company that provides email-based customer support platform and knowledge tools. Plans start at $12 monthly.

Content Creation


This is a free online image editing tool; premium features can be unlocked for $33.


This is great for creating graphics that can be shared on social media.

Customer Relationship Management


This helps businesses to automate their marketing process, manage email, organize their efforts, and sell online. Pricing for this tool begins at $199 monthly.

Ecommerce and Payments


Shopify is one of the leading e-commerce service providers, it helps with inventory management and order and payment processing. The cost starts at $29 monthly plus processing fees.



Moz offers an array of products, services, and content for online marketing, the cost for a subscription is $99 monthly.

Landing Pages and Email List Building


This tool creates high-quality landing pages quickly and easily and deploys them on any platform including WordPress and non-WordPress websites.


This is a suite of free tools that can be used to grow your website’s traffic and is great for creating pop-ups and opt-in forms.

Email Marketing


Manages your email list and sets up autoresponders, this tool also segments email subscribers into groups so that the content that they receive is specific to their interests.

Project Management and File Sharing


This is a collaborative tool that organizes projects into boards which lets you know what is being worked on, who is working on it, and where it is at in the process. The boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects.

G Suite

Formerly known as “Google Apps”, this tool contains Gmail, Google Docs, Spreadsheet, Calendar, and Drive and a number of other helpful tools.


This tool allows you to safely and securely store your business files. It brings files to together in one central place; which makes it easier to collaborate on shared documents.

Finance and Payment Processing


This tool provides a faster and safer way to send money, make online payments, receive money, and create merchant accounts. You can securely link bank accounts or visa debit and credit cards send or accept money to and from almost anywhere in the world.


This is a web-based financial management service that allows you to manage your money, create budgets, pay bills, and even track your credit score.

So, we got carried away and gave you some extras, that’s how enthusiastic we are about your success. Choose the tools that are best for you. Go forth and be great.

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