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The community tries to pump Ripple stock price


It’s not clear where it all started, but now it looks like the Reddit WallStreetBets community is trying to pump the price of XRP (Ripple). That’s why XRP is going up. Buy and Hold are the words that keep ringing in the last few hours.

The situation looks very similar to what happened a few days ago with the actions of GameStop. However, it appears that this time around the initiative is smaller, thus having a lower impact on the price.

The movement counts already several Telegram channels, Twitter messages, and discussions on the web. On Reddit, some posts are removed, as happened to the post in the official WallStreetBets channel (/wallstreetbets).

For now, XRP is up more than 50% in one day. We’ll see what happens after the Ripple pump and if the XRP stock will drop.

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