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Flutter 2 has been released

Flutter 2 has been released

Google finally released Flutter 2 on 03/03/2021 (March 3, 2021) during the Flutter Engage event live on YouTube. Among the major updates, Flutter now has support to create web applications, as well as for desktop and mobile applications.

For those who already don’t know, Flutter is an open-source and cross-platform software development kit developed by Google. Flutter is built using Dart, an object-oriented and open-source programming language, also developed by Google. Dart’s strength is the compatibility with any operating system regardless of the architecture (Intel or ARM). For this reason, we can build cross-platform applications with Flutter that are compatible with Android, iOS, Desktop, and Web at the same time.

That’s said, Flutter 2 is now officially released and brings even more portability and compatibility in place. It’s clear that Google has one single goal: to build a framework to speed up the development of interfaces by reusing code. The new version of Flutter brings Google closer to achieving this goal.

But now, let’s now have a closer look at the new updates in more detail:

Flutter 2 major updates: real multiplatform

In the new version, Flutter becomes a real portable framework that allows the developer to adapt the app interface to each platform, offering the same user experiences in every operating system and device.

Flutter 2 is multiplatform

Web support is stable

One of the most important updates in Flutter 2 is about the Web. In particular, Flutter’s web support has transitioned from beta to the stable channel. From now on, when you create a stable Flutter app, “web” will just be another device target for your app.

Desktop support is available

Other important updates are for Desktops. In favor of the multiplatform objective, Flutter 2 improves desktop support and adds support for dual-screen devices. Speaking of which, in the new Flutter’s release desktop support is available in the stable channel under early release.

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